Shenzo Gregorio

Violin virtuoso on electric and acoustic instruments

Shenzo has carved a reputation as one of this country’s most innovative and in demand musicians. A virtuoso and improviser on five instruments sees him performing at festivals around Australia and overseas.

ShenzoShenzo has been awarded an ARIA, a Golden Fiddle award and numerous international festival accolades for his work in theatre and musicals. His YouTube channel is a sensation with over half a million hits and he is currently the only STUNT violinist performing aerial acrobatics.

Other artists he has collaborated over the past 15 years include, James Morrison, Natalie Cole, Four Play Electric String Quartet, Leo Sayer, Johnny Diesel, Il Divo, The Ten Tenors, Katie Noonan, Christine Anu, Smokey Dawson, and supported international acts such as Mariah Carery, Leo Kottke and the Buena Visa Social Club.

His death defying feats with his own Electric Stunt Orchestra have blown audiences away from Dubai, Hong Kong and all around Australia.

Shenzo’s NEW show tributes the mind blowing music and improvisational wizardry of French jazz virtuoso Stephan Grapelli and other gypsy jazz legends. Fusing modern instruments and different sounds to make his own style of world music.

“Maske had the “Wow” factor written all over them. All of the staff and guests were dazzled and completely blow away by the talents of these three lovely ladies. They were absolutely mesmerizing from the moment they came on stage until they left.”

~ Koen Rooijmans
Managing Director & CEO, Brisbane Airport Corporation